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About Us


Vineyard Crew, a sister brand of Vintage Havana, blossomed in the heart of a vibrant vineyard. Inspired by the serene beauty of vineyards and the spirited vibe of Vintage Havana, our brand weaves the story of a close-knit team, deeply rooted in the world of fashion and nature. In Vineyard Crew, every stitch tells a tale of the earth, the vines, and the timeless elegance of nature's bounty.


At Vineyard Crew, we're more than just a clothing line; we're a symphony of nature-inspired fashion. Our collections echo the rhythms of the vineyards - from the sun-drenched hues to the earthy textures. Our garments, designed for the contemporary man or woman, blend the laid-back elegance of vineyard life with the dynamic flair of urban style. With pieces ranging from breezy linen dresses to chic, rustic accessories, our fashion is a tribute to the natural and the sophisticated.


Rooted in sustainability and the art of viniculture, Vineyard Crew is committed to eco-friendly practices and ethical sourcing. Each piece in our collection is a homage to the environment, crafted with care and conscience. Our vision is to dress the modern woman in styles that celebrate the richness of the earth and the fluidity of fashion.


Just like a vineyard that thrives on connection and community, Vineyard Crew cherishes its bond with fashion enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Our presence extends from quaint boutique stores nestled in scenic locales to our vibrant online portal, inviting you to be a part of our journey. Join us at Vineyard Crew, where fashion meets nature, and every outfit is a toast to the beauty around us.

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